Casa de Antiguidades | Memory House


Monday | Montag, November 16, 20:00 h. Cinema 1 ⇒ TICKETS
Wednesday | Mittwoch, November 25, 19:30 h. Cinema 1 ⇒ TICKETS

«João Paulo Miranda Maria’s first full-length film melds past and present, realism and fantasy, to offer a mesmerising symbolic and political immersion into the Brazilian collective subconscious» Cineuropa

«It is a corporal, silent, timely, and pro-revolutionary film. It transports us to a small town in southern Brazil, where tensions seem to be hidden below the surface. But still, the inequality and negative baggage of colonization is evident, it is reflected in the film through the discourse of white / European supremacy.» Cinecasual, October 17, 2020.

«Miranda creates a bleak and folkloric experience that represents the multigenerational pain of the indigenous people. It is a complex and overwhelming representation of human suffering derived from a collapsed society that believes itself to own the planet. Due to its slow development, eccentric and violent style, it is not a friendly film. But, its message of tolerance is urgent» La Estatuilla, September 17, 2020.

Director: João Paulo Miranda Maria
Brazil, France 2020 | 93’
Portuguese with English subtitles 

Modern day Brazil, but lost in time. Cristovam, a native black man from the rural north, moves to a former Austrian colony in the south to work in a milk factory. Confronted with xenophobic conservative people, he feels isolated and estranged from the white world. He discovers an abandoned house, filled with objects and memorabilia reminding him of his origins. He settles in, reconnecting with his roots. As if this memory house were alive, more objects start to appear. Slowly, Cristovam begins a metamorphosis



Cast: Antônio Pitanga, Ana Flavia Cavalcanti, Sam Louwyck