Friday, 3 May | 21:30 H | Kino Central
Saturday, 4 May | 20:00 H | Kino Moviemento

All films are in original language and with english subtitles

Selva | Selva
Dir. Sofía Quirós Ubeda | Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile | Fiction | 17 min.
The land expels & the ocean drowns, departures repeat themselves in every generation. Selva dances within voices & memories, in a game that prepares her for the inevitable separation

La de Messi | The One Of Messi
Dir. Mauro Ojeda | Argentina | Fiction | 13 min.
Lautaro & José take from what others discard, the sustenance of the family. After a violent situation at home, J discovers that his favorite figure, Messi’s, does not look the same

Ulises | Ulises
Dir. Enzo Ramírez | Chile | Fiction | 20 min.
Wrapped around financial issues, Ulises suffers the harassment of his companions and his ex-wife. He finds shelter in Camila, a girl that treats him with respect and affection.

Boi | Ox
Dir. Lucas Bettim and Renan Carvalho | Brazil | Animation | 14 min.
Armando is a lonely man who lives with his mother, who disdains him. On one of his sleepless nights watching TV, his life starts to change.

Playa de Gaviotas | Seagulls Beach
Dir. Eduardo Esquivel | Mexico | Fiction | 16 min.
Inés is a teenager who escapes from home after a homemade abortion and a crisis with her mother. A random event makes her be situated with Nacho, a lonely man depressed by the death of his mother. Inés and Nacho find the company in their silences traveling to the sea carrying the ashes of Nacho’s mother. They embark on this trip to Beach Seagulls, where their solitudes become an accomplice to finish cycles and move on.

La Suerte Del Salao | Unlucky’s Luck
Dir. Felipe Holguin Caro | Colombia | Fiction | 16 min.
Pellito lives cursed. His raffle ticket ends up winning. After celebrate, he’ll confirm the saying: from luck and death no one’s safe.