Thursday, 2 May | 20:00 H | Kino Moviemento
Saturday, 4 May | 21:30 H | Kino Central

All films are in original language and with english subtitles

Retukiri Tukiri
Dir. Daniel Martin Rodriguez and German Tejada | Peru, France | Fiction | 18 min.
Jhony is in love with Camila, but Camila is in love with Tadeo. Tadeo is a stylized dinosaur like Casimir’s, which Jhony plays in a children’s show he hosts with Camila.

Ausencia | Absence
Dir. Andrés Tudela | Colombia | Fiction | 17 min.
Bernarda, an 82-year-old peasant woman, must face the loss and mourning of her husband, one more victim of a war that cannot be seen, but that is felt.

Nueve Nudos | Nine knots
Dir. Lorena Colmenares | Venezuela | Fiction | 11 min.
María knew about the cult thanks to her mother and knew how to tie them thanks to her father. But now she and her brother José are alone.

Correr Contra el Viento | Run against the wind
Dir. Victor Hugo Cárdenas Perona | Chile | Fiction | 25 min.
A young couple is trying to save money for a housing subsidy. When a childhood friend of Luis is released from prison, the trust between them is threatened.

Al caer la noche | After dark
Dir. Rocko D. Márquez | Mexico | Fiction | 15 min.
A university student who evades other’s problems, and a cop recovering from a personal loss, get involved in the lynching of a rape suspect, which leads them to a crucial catharsis.

Coffee Break
Dir. María Cristina Pérez and Mauricio Cuervo | Colombia | Animation | 9 min.
The life of a deer clerk happens, between expectations and disappointments, while he drinks coffee every day.