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All films are in original language and with english subtitles

Pasajera | Transient
Dir. Mauricio Esquivel | Costa Rica | Fiction | 19 min.
Lorena receives the visit of Camila, an old friend who is for a short stay in the country. Her past is back and with it her greatest fears.

Aya | Spirit
Dir. Francesca Canepa | Peru | Fiction | 10 min.
On the hills of Peru, Juan, a 9-year-old kid, works in a salt mine in order to fulfill the last wish of his mother even though he distances himself from what he was taught.

Fosfeno | Phosphene
Dir. David Gómez Alzate | Germany, Colombia | Experimental | 11 min.
It’s a phenomenon characterized by the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye.

En Busca de un Tierno Silencio | Looking for a Tender Silence
Dir. Luis Cifuentes Saravia | Chile | Fiction | 18 min.
Juan comes back to his birth town looking for his best friend Pepe disappeared 35 years ago during dictatorship times, but nobody wants to talk about him, or even remember him.

La Máxima Longitud de un Puente | Big bridge
Dir. Simón Vélez | Colombia | Fiction | 14 min.
After jumping from a bridge, William steals a motorbike to take his girlfriend for a ride.

Cárcel | Jail
Dir. Catalina Vásquez Salazar | Colombia | Animation | 13 min.
Laura, is a girl of 12 years old who tells how she learned of his father’s imprisonment as a result from extortion and murder to a trader in Colombia.

Qué Verán los Dragones en Chicas como Yo | What Will the Dragons See in Girls Like Me
Dir. Gerard Mates Torres | México | Fiction | 14 min.
Elena is an influecer princess that has been kidnapped by a dragon. Jorge is a knight in armor who saves her in exchange of money. Will they live happily ever after?