Friday, 3 May | 22:15 H | Kino Moviemento
Saturday, 4 May | 20:30 H | City Kino Weeding

All films are in original language and with english subtitles

Mandado | Running errands
Dir. Ignacio Bide and Xavier Bauzá | Uruguay | Fiction | 13 min.
The sale of the mirror that brought Darío to the capital goes badly and a setback force him to stay longer in the city. In the waiting he will meet Lucia.

La Flaca | The Bony Lady
Dir. Adriana Barbosa & Thiago Zanato | United States, Brazil, Mexico | Documentary | 20 min.
Arely Vazquez, a Mexican transgender woman and leader of the Saint Death Cult in Queens (NY), faces a lot of challenges to fulfill a promise she made ten years ago.

Primos | Primos
Dir. Federico Gutiérrez Obeso | Mexico | Animation | 10 min.
Primos is a story of binaries, leaded by fantastic apes. A tale of two visions of one place. Matter and spirit come together to transform the nature of these apes.

El sonido de la campana | The sound of the bell
Dir. Augusto Sinay | Argentina | Fiction | 15 min.
A veteran boxer loses his hearing after an arranged fight. The desperate effort to continue training, the loneliness and the silence drags him to a constant fight outside the ring.

La Sombra de un Dios | A God’s Shadow
Dir. Bernhard Hetzenauer | Mexico, Germany, Austria | Documentary | 20 min.
Chon, a member of the Wirraritari, tells the story of his cousin Faustino, spiritual leader of the indigenous settlement of La Mora, who killed various people of his own community.

Rabia | Rage
Dir. Romina Tamburello | Argentina | Fiction | 15 min.
Facu tells his father about her mother’s new boyfriend. David looses his mind and in a moment of rage he leaves his son all alone in the highway.

Deja la luz prendida | Leave the lights on
Dir. Nicolás Quintar Riboli | Argentina | Animation | 2 min.
A lamp who does not want to sleep with the lights off.